SAM (SA Motorcycles) covers each product against defects in material or manufacturing as follows:

It is the responsibility of the official SAM Dealer to validate any claim made within the said warranty and the SAM Dealer reserves the right to cancel any warranty should any of the warranty terms and conditions not be adhered to by the customer.
1.1 Warranty conditions applicable for all road going products distributed under SAM, valid for 3 years or 20000km, whichever comes first.
1.2 Warranty conditions applicable for all NON road going products distributed under SAM, valid for 1year.
1.3 Warranty conditions applicable to agricultural products 6 months.
1.4 Warranty conditions applicable to electrical models:
• Lead Acid Battery Warranty on electrical models – 6 Months / Lithium Battery Warranty – 12 Months.
• Motors & Controllers on electrical models – 6 Months Warranty.
• Mechanical Warranty – 12 Months Warranty.
• No Warranty on chargers and controllers.
1.5 Warranty Parts: -
Parts supplied under these warranties will be supplied as timeously as possible, however no liability for loss or damage resulting from any delays for whatever reason is accepted and the purchaser shall under no circumstances be entitled to cancel the contract of sale as a result of any delays occurring.
2.1 Make design changes and modifications to motorcycles at anytime. The company has no obligation to make the same changes and modifications to previously manufactured motorcycles.
2.2 Replace complete assemblies and / or units only if the change is so extensive that it would be less expensive to replace the complete assembly and / or unit than to repair it. Such decision is limited entirely to SAM authorized personnel.
2.3 Adjust any malfunctioning parts, which were originally designed to be adjustable – without obligation of replacement.
2.4 Levy delivery and collection charges for any repair to be completed under these terms – this warranty do not include any delivery / collection.
3.1 To the replacement or adjustment of faulty parts.
3.2 Labour for warranty repairs is limited to be supplied free of charge by the dealer where the unit was purchased, any labour undergone by SAM dealer, other than dealer where unit was purchased, will be for the customer’s account.
4.1 Warranty registration is not done within 48 hours of receipt of unit.
4.1.1 The system will send the customer an email to click on a link provided, complete all required fields and submit to activate Warranty.
4.2 Vehicle is serviced or repaired at a non-SAM dealer.
4.3 Compulsory services are neglected.
4.4 The vehicle has undergone a change of ownership during the warranty period and the relevant dealer or SAM was not involved in an official inspection.
4.4.1 The warranty may only be transferred when the unit is fully repaired and operational.
4.4.2 Costs for the repairs to the unit will be for owners account.
4.4.3 The transfer will only be valid for the remainder of the period of the original warranty.
4.4.4 The warranty has to be registered by the new owner.
4.5 If the factory - applied Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) has been altered or removed from this product.
4.6 Evidence of any form of racing, misuse, negligence, accidents however caused, abuse, over loading extreme terrain or commercial usage is evident.
4.7 Non genuine parts or attachments are fitted.
4.8 Incorrect fluids or fuels utilised.
4.8.1 SAM Products uses unleaded fuel.
4.9 Any form of additional electrical connections made.
4.10 Evidence of over revving is evident.
4.11 The purchaser fail to comply with any of the requirements stipulated in this document.
5.1 Consumable parts including but not limited to Switches, Mechanical seals, Oil Seals, Batteries, Bulbs, Fuses, External Bearings, Sparkplugs, Airfilters, Oil liters, Tyre, Tubes, Brake linings, Brakepads, Drivechains, Sprockets, Drivebelts, Cables, Shims, Rubbers, Hubs, Footrest, Mirrors, Handlebar, Clutch, Clutchplates and Gaskets.
5.2 Normal wear and tear or any failure resulting from wear and tear.
5.3 Service materials including but not limited to fuels, oil, grease, hydraulicfluid and cleaning materials.
5.4 Maintenance operations including but not limited to adjustments of all components designed to be adjusted.
5.5 Corrosion or UV damage of any form is excluded from this warranty.
5.6 Engine failures caused by running with insufficient fluid levels.
5.7 Failures or damages incurred in transit/ storage.
6.1 The following parts will have 6 months warranty: Starter motor, CDI, Regulator, Indicator relay, Stator, Odometer clusters, Exhaust systems, shocks.
7.1 Ensure warranty registered within 48 hours of receipt of unit.
7.2 Ensure unit is Natis registered with local authority within 14 days of receipt of the unit.
7.3 Report any mechanical or electrical defects to Dealer within 7 days.
7.4 Ensure the product is 100% operational and complete upon delivery, any claims in this respect will not be claimable, even if the product is in the warranty period.
7.5 Inspect and maintain fluid levels prior to operation.
7.6 Adhere to service schedule.
8.1 Road going units:
8.1.1 - 500km or 3 months from date of purchase (Whichever comes first) – Run in service.
8.1.2 - Every 3000km or 6 months from previous purchase (Whichever comes first) – Internal Service.
8.1.3 - Odo reading 3000km, 6000km, 9000km, 12000km, 15000km, 18000km, 21000km, 24000km.
IMPORTANT NOTE – More than 150km / 15days over service intervals will void warranty. 8.2 Non road going units:
8.2.1 – 5 Full tanks or 1 month from date of purchase (Whichever comes first) – Run in service.
8.2.2 – 20 Full tanks or every 3 months from date of purchase (Whichever comes first) – Internal Service.
9.1 All defective parts replaced under this warranty remain the property of SAM.
9.2 Warranty workmanship remains the repairing dealer’s responsibility.
9.2.1 Should the motorcycle not be repaired correctly resulting in another part failing, it is the repairing Dealers responsibility for cost of the repair and replacement.
9.2.2 Should any such claim arise, SAM reserves the right to make any such determination in the best interest of both customer and Dealer.