In order to ensure a happy experience of purchasing a Big Boy Scooter, the following terms and conditions of sale have been posted to advise customers and dealers of their rights. Purchasing a Big Boy Scooter means you have read and accepted the Big Boy Scooters Code of Conduct:
All prices advertised are suggested retail prices including VAT. Big Boy Scooters and the authorized dealer reserve the right to change prices without notice. Prices strictly include Pre Delivery inspection as per the warranty book (Licensed models only). Prices strictly exclude: Registration, license and number plate fees, 1st service and services thereafter, Delivery costs from the dealer to the customer, Extra delivery cost for dealers selling outside South African Borders.

Strictly as per agreed terms – EFT or Cash. Credit Card payment accepted by arrangement. Dealer may make finance application on behalf of the client however no item may be released without notification from the financial service provider to Big Boy Scooters Head Office. No Cheques accepted unless bank guaranteed or fully cleared. Motorcycle Registration Papers or NATIS Release forms may not be released to customer until payment has been made in full. Legal ownership of the goods will be passed to the purchaser once the dealer has paid Big Boy Scooters Head Office in full.

Upon taking Delivery of Motorcycle: Please ensure at point of delivery, motorcycle is 100% operational and free of any damages. Any non-operational items / damages, cosmetic or otherwise, must be documented on both the Dealers Delivery Note / Tax Invoice and Warranty book.

You are required to receive the following items upon accepting delivery:

  • Warranty Book
  • Owners Manual
  • Tax Invoice from the selling Dealer
  • NATIS Manufacturers Certificate (Except for Youth Quads)
It is the responsibility of the dealer / seller to ensure a warranty book has been issued, correctly filled out and signed by the purchaser. The dealer / seller shall FAX the top copy of the warranty book details with the TAX INVOICE to 086 519 0229, this copy is then to be kept by the dealer for a period of 1 year and may be requested by Big Boy Scooters at any time.
The system will send the customer an email to click on a link provided, complete all required fields and submit to activate Warranty.
It is the selling dealers responsibility to assemble and carry out a Pre Delivery Inspection (21 Point Check). The record of this inspection is stamped and signed by the responsible dealer representative in the warranty book on page 4.

(May only be carried out by an authorized Big Boy Dealer)

Scooters and Motorcycles used for road use:

  • Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) – Done free by the dealer before delivery to customer.
  • Daily Pre Ride Inspection by user prior to each use as per Pre Ride Check List
  • 500km +/ 3 Months from date of purchase (whichever comes 1st) - RUN IN SERVICE
  • Every 3000km/6 Months from date of purchase (whichever comes 1st) – INTERVAL SERVICE
  • ODO Reading: 3000km/6000km/9000km/12000km/15000km/18000km/21000km/24000km
  • IMPORTANT: More than 100km/15 Days over service interval will VOID the WARRANTY.

Pit Bikes, Motorcycles and ATV’s without instrumentation:

- Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) – Done free by the dealer before delivery to the customer.

- Daily Pre Ride inspection by user prior to each use as per Pre Ride Check List.

***Be sure to clean and lubricate air filter after every ride***

- 5 Full Tanks / 1 Month from date of purchase (whichever comes 1st) - RUN IN SERVICE


It is the responsibility of the dealer / seller to ensure the buyer receives the owner’s manual. Big Boy Scooters will not accept responsibility to any failure as a result to instructions by the owner’s manual not being adhered to.
SAM carry a vast inventory of over R20,000,000.00's worth of spare parts, however if we do not have the part in stock, it will be sorced and imported as soon as possible from out overseas factories. Many of SAM's parts are interchangeable.
The NATIS Manufacturers Certificate will only be released once Big Boy Scooters Head Office has received proof of payment from the dealer / seller. NATIS Registration Certificates determine ownership in terms of the National Road Traffic Act and are issued for all Big Boy Scooter models except quadrocycles for youths (Monster JNR 100 / CR 110 / CR 125). It is the customer’s right to obtain a NATIS Manufacturers Certificate after purchasing a Big Boy Scooters Product. All costs for Registration and Licensing are for the purchasers account. (Download PDF)
Standard warranty is a Limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, which protects the consumer from incorrectly manufactured or assembled components only. The warranty period may differ from item to item and may be waivered if described on the delivery note / tax invoice. The product will be repaired as per the warranty terms and condition.
No cash refunds. No Exchanges. Should the Big Boy Scooter product not be able to be repaired, Big Boy Scooters reserves the right at its own discretion to replace the motorcycle. All costs for de-registration and re registration / licensing are for the purchasers account.
Parts prices quoted are suggested retail including VAT. Prices exclude transport cost from Big Boy Scooters head office to the dealer. Part availability is ex-stock. If parts are not in stock, 3-4 weeks waiting period may apply.
Strictly C.O.D. Workmanship and parts warranty of workshop repairs is limited to 2 weeks from date of collection. All workshop work must be quoted either upon “booking in” of the job card or after evaluation of the scope of work. Any quote strictly does NOT account for unforeseen damages / work. Should unforeseen work be required, this work must be quoted and approved before commencement. Any workshop work not collected with 7 days will be subject to a storage daily storage charge of R 50.00 p/day. All workshop work not collected within 1 month will be sold to recoup cost of workshop repair and storage incurred only.
Workshop labour rates may differ from dealer to dealer. Big Boy Scooter recommended labour rate is R 300.00 incl VAT for the 1st hour and R 150.00 incl VAT per hour there after.
Service Fee may vary from product to product and dealer to dealer. Big Boy Scooters recommended service fee is 1 hours labour (R 300.00 incl VAT) plus a sundry charge of R 95.00 incl VAT. Any additional parts and labour are quoted over and above the service charge. All additional work should be quoted by the dealer and approved by the customer before work commences.
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